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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nursing Pads....Which to wear and not to wear...that is the question!

Nursing pads.... Could they be anymore annoying?? At night I just want to jump into bed without tearing open 2 nursing pads and stuffing my bra...However, I don't HAVE to wear nursing pads throughout the day anymore, THANK GOODNESS...not since around month 2 when my milk supply became regulated... BUT I do still have to wear nursing pads to bed every night... (not nursing for 11 hours during the night) And I have found that I like to wear them during the day sometimes if the shirt I am wearing is thin...Breastfeeding leaves certain things poking through if you know what I mean... ! So since I find myself STILL purchasing nursing pads I thought it might be a light and easy post.... There are a TON of different brands and styles out there....from disposables to silicone terry bamboo... It all kinda sounds like Cloth Diapers if you ask me :)

    Even though I cloth diaper I have found that I cannot rely on the cloth nursing pads out there....It's true I have only tried one brand - a pretty inexpensive one at that. BUT I hate waking up in the morning with a wet wet t-shirt contest for this momma!!!!! Please if you have found a cloth style nursing pad that you LOVE, then you have to share with all of us :)

    So the brands I've tested are as follows....
-Lansinoh Nursing Pads.. This has become my most dependable nursing pad to date...It's super absorbent and is pretty thin..which means it doesn't show through clothing!
-Lily Padz Reusable Nursing pads...I loved the idea of these nursing pads...However I feel the "stick" gave out after on about a month or two of use. I even purchased the special cleaner that was suppose to help keep them tacky. I did love how discreet they were and the fact that I didn't have noisy paper rustling around in my bra... Another down side to these was I never knew where to put them while I was nursing...Anything they touched stuck to the backing.
-The first years with lanolin...These are my top pick for NEW nursing moms. They are a little thicker than the Lansinoh which is great for extra absorbency AND they have lanolin applied to the center of each pad...Pretty genius I know!
-Simplisse Disposable pads... Now I actually haven't tried these. BUT they are ordered from my FAV Amazon and should be arriving Wed. I have heard great things about them and I feel at this point in my nursing game that I deserve the thinnest pad on the market... I'm excited to test it out and get back to you all :)
-And sadly I can't remember or find my purchase history on Amazon for the cloth/washable pads I had tried...I will update this post when and If I find that info....I am curious to which you have found to work best for you and why. I am SUPER interested in finding some awesome cloth nursing pads, so again please share if you know of some ;) Happy Memorial weekend Mommas!!!!!!



  1. My name is Lynsey and I love your site, I am a friend of a friend of Bree's (Ally F)
    I love the Lansinoh brand, prob my fav. I was on a mission to try out every type but soon grew tired of trying crappy ones. I have tried: Avent(made circles under my bra), esp for MOM(babies r us)(was ok), gerber(leaks), NUK reusable cloth(leak, made circles under sports bra, which is way better than my nursing bra. If only Lansinoh made a cloth option!!
    Just started using cloth diapers, sooo many questions...

  2. Welcome Lyndsey!!! If you have any questions about cloth, feel free to email us at! And I'm seeing ally today!!! Small world!