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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meeno Baby cool me stroller/carseat liner!!! LOVE THIS!!!!

   We live in FLORIDA, to say it's smoldering outside is a slight understatement. I felt so bad that she was getting so hot and sweaty while riding in the jogging stroller, even with the sun canopy over her. I started researching some options and a friend of mine actually had commented under one of my fb pics I had posted of sweaty Jema passed out while on a run.... She said and I quote ;)
*** you need the meeno baby for your stroller! :)
I was like...a what??? So I googled Meeno Babies to check it out. It was exactly what I had been hunting for!!! Thank You Melissa :P I love having friends with smart shopping taste! Here's the picture that she posted under...My poor hot, sleepy baby! I need to take a pic of the stroller WITH a Meeno baby attached, I will do that and add it after nap time!

   I'm super happy to report that today was our first day using the Meeno Baby and we're in love!!! It's a universal fit so it fits most strollers AND car seats! She was not sweaty at all...just a little warm which is unavoidable in this HEAT! I highly recommend this product to moms that are or planning on working out with baby in tow or even just a day at the park or Zoo...and don't forget you can also use it in a car seat for those road trips or extremely hot summer days when your scared to set your baby down in a hot car seat. :)



  1. Thank you so much for this post...I can really use this information and had never heard of that product before!

  2. I just bought one, waiting for it in the mail :D

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