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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I entertain and contain my 8 month old!

         I was playing with Jema this morning and it struck me that I should post about all the fun things we do in our day and how to baby proof a room - Entertaining and stimulating a mobile baby takes a lot more work than entertaining a baby that is content laying on an activity mat! haha!
    Gone are the days of rocking and holding Jema all day long....Feeding...Burping...Changing Diapers repeat....repeat..repeat... The days of entertaining a crawling adventurous baby have arrived! I remember wishing for this time to hurry up and arrive, but now that it's here I sometimes miss my fragile and needy infant.

     Don't get me wrong...I can't believe how many new things she is doing over this past month... But I'm always keeping my ears peeled and eyes open and waiting for her to find some microscopic fiber that has been left on the floor. I now understand that when I don't hear anything....I better investigate or my entire book shelf could be destroyed.

    So this is what I've found to work for us at this age.... I have baby proofed our computer room...and when I say baby proof I mean BABY proof and toddler proof. This has turned into our play room which works out great b/c I can sit at my computer sometimes while my little Brownie plays :) So it's a mommy/baby play room of sorts! I think it's a great idea to have at least one room in your home that can become the babies space to explore, play, and become comfortable in leading to furthering milestones! I have put up a baby gate keeping the dogs out of this area of the house...for cleanliness and to just protect them from Jema's death grip on their fur! :)  So just in the week since we have zoned this as her area we have been having a blast!!!! I play baby Einstein on the computer at times and baby signing as well... then her favorite thing is for me to lay on the ground with her and play and let her crawl all over me...I guess moms make good jungle gyms!!!! haha. And then I get some computer time to browse and play a little on the computer and post on here all while she's happily playing right near me safely! The pictures that follow are the things we got to baby proof this room.

     At this age I've noticed that they really enjoy the feel of freedom... It's like turning 16 and finally getting your Drivers just want to GO GO GO, same thing happens once they learn to crawl - So I think I have managed to give her the illusion that she can rome free and far...I'm sure in a few months she will be crying at the gate to be set free, but for now I have a very happy and productive baby! I should mention that she not only has rein over the computer room but of the hallway and her whole bedroom...

      Another great thing for that's great for entertaining them is to go outdoors...Florida is HOT right now and will only get HOTTER as the summer progresses...So we make sure we got out early in the morning for a walk..She really enjoys this and I've read that it's great for their sensory development to see and hear all the things outside! And not to mention it's good for us moms to get outside and move a bit!!! That's my favorite time to listen to music or listen to audio books <3

   Between all these things and Naps we pretty much have a full day everyday... Being a mommy is such an important JOB and I am constantly trying to better myself as a mother...If you can think of any suggestions or if your willing to share some of your entertaining tricks please comment BELOW :)



  1. I love the toy basket! Such a cute and safe alternative to a toy box.

  2. I always love this blog but I am REALLY loving your blog today! Great idea from the commenter above to post the links to the products, too! Really appreciated this post as well. You guys have some super advice for new moms!

  3. Where is the link to the product that helps Jema with standing and walking...did I miss it? I've been looking for something similar to help my daughter (almost 10 months) and would love more info on whatever you have found. By the way, love the photos included on this post. You guys rock!!!

  4. Thanks Ladies!!! You should be able to see all the links at the top of the post ;) The mega bloks table is what helped Jema, Amy - I found it at Walmart awhile back for $20 in the clearance area!

  5. Thanks for the link, Jodi!

  6. Jodi, you are a genius! I <3 smart mommies.

  7. Ok, I know this article is 3 years old now, but I have an 8 month old, and your article gave me hope! I am going to work on baby proofing Evan's room today, and hopefully can get some things done around here now! LOL. Also, I had a Pomeranian named Fozzie Bear! Same color and everything! He developed cancer in his belly and I had to have him put down about 5 years ago, one of the saddest days of my life....thank you for posting this. :)