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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goodbye stink!!!

After I wrote this post about hitting a wall, I went to work getting to the bottom of my stinky dipes. I am happy to say I think I have it all figured out!
Florida is notorious for hard water, REALLY hard water. I think I had mineral build up in my diapers and that is where the stink was coming from. So after doing the RLRto get extra detergent out I started adding a cup of vinegar to each diaper load(and most of my clothing loads) to work on the mineral deposits. I can get a gallon and a half of white vinegar for $3.57 at Sams and like I said before, it is a great softener and helps to clean out my washing machine too.
So the stink is gone out of all but the worst dipes. The boys have both been on antibiotics since it turned out Kayden was the carrier monkey in the family and had been infecting Adam and I over and over with Strep Throat. That caused some major blow outs that I will have to sun but all of the other dipes are great!


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  1. I was wondering where you purchased the RLR. Did you buy it online or locally? I live in Brandon, FL and am trying to find some locally.