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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When daddy is in charge...

Since my husband was working 80-100 hour weeks when our first was born until just last year, he escaped changing diapers. In fact he was not around to do much with Kayden as a baby.

Now that he is on a regular schedule(yay!) we work well with divide and conquer. Adam is in charge of Kayden and I handle Liam when we are all at home. It works really well and Adam gets to avoid diapers even more.
When I made the switch to cloth, he was very supportive, in part because he doesn't change diapers anyway!

When daddy is in charge of both kiddos I can bet Liam's diaper wont be changed so I make sure he is in a fresh one before I leave. Since I am still breastfeeding I am not ever gone more than three hours anyway.

I guess Liam wanted to make sure his daddy gets plenty of cloth experience because the last few times I have left both kids at home, he has had major blow outs! On Saturday he had two explosions with the dreaded'poop up the back', all in the space of three hours.

The funny things about this is I never know where he is going to put the dirty diapers. They typically get left beside wherever Liam was changed and end up leaking pee into whatever the diaper has come in contact with. I have to roam around the house and find the dirty dipes and put them in the wet bags, the location and use of which Adam is fully aware of.

So on Sunday night when I discovered my purse smelling so strongly of ammonia I thought I was going to pass out I had to to retrace my steps. Actually my sister prompted that thought after I shoved what I thought was a clean diaper in her face and told her to smell my newest cloth woe. She dismissed my ammonia build up concerns and said "well, are you sure it was clean?".

Turns out Adam had changed a pee diaper, opened the door with the wet bag hanging on it(pretty sure he had to touch the darn thing in order to open the door too) and put the diaper on top of the dryer, next to a stack of clean diapers I had made earlier that day.

We all got a good laugh and I was sure my wonderful husband understood the importance of the wet bags.

Then last night I came home to a poopy diaper sitting on the rocking chair pad, leaking all sorts of lovely-ness onto the pad.


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  1. Loved this post, Brie! So true to life these days... :)