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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dirty Laundry

Now that it's been almost 5 months I thought I would update my laundry protocol. A lot has changed in our diaper lives since my last laundry post.
My stash is larger so I can go longer between washes.
Liam eats solids so I have an extra laundry step
I have 2 wet bags(one upstairs and one down)

So this is what I do now:

Since I have 2 bags I rotate the 2 on laundry day. They are never full at the same time but by their time comes for the wash they are full(about 12-15 diapers each). I still love  my Rumparooz bags, they never leak or smell and work perfectly hung on the nob on the laundry room door or on the post on the banister.

I separate the inserts from the pockets, making sure I fold down the APLIX to the laundry tab. My only complaint about the Kawaii diapers is that the laundry tab is not as big as the APLIX tab. So I have to make sure the tip of the tab is fully on otherwise it will lift off and snag other diapers.

The poop diapers get put back into the bag to be rinsed off. Instead of running a pre-soak on the diapers I run a detergent free regular wash load on cold and then a hot wash load with detergent.

I started off using Seventh Generation free and clear but wanted to try a few other detergents so I ordered some Rockin Green Classic Rock and Charlies Soap.

The Rockin Green seemed to do the job at first but funk started to build and stuck around even after 'stripping' them as instructed on the back. The scent only smelled good on the diapers when you started the wash but they never came out of the wash smelling like the Lavender Mint I ordered.

I have heard about Charlies Soap for a while and since it is so economical I decided to give it a try. It really is amazing! I use it on all of our washes  and our clothes are actually softer. Because the detergent fully washes out there is nothing left in the fibers to make them crunchy. They smell cleaner but at the same time they dont have a smell. In short, I really like it!

Now, because of the new poop Liam is producing, I found that I always have to do a final rinse. If I dont do that rinse, I have a dryer that smells of poo and sometimes even a diaper or two still stinks! I still have some dingy inserts that need some sun but I'm not sure how I can do that where we live. We have a lanai on the east facing side of our home but I would have to put them outside the lanai and that opens up to a common space in our neighborhood. I'm still considering it though so I am sure a nice sun bath will brighten the inserts right up!

For a while I was using cloth wipes. When he was still having breastmilk poops I could just throw them all in the wash and not worry about it. Now I would have to rinse both the wipe and the diaper off so I went back to flushable wipes. I can tuck them into the dirty diaper so I can spray the poop and the wipes down the toilet at the same time. I use my cloth wipes to clean the pee smell off of him each morning and they work great as a make-up removing cloth for me each night! 

I do 2-3 loads a week now and still I don't mind washing and sorting them. I don't even mind spraying them off!

Once I figure out how I will sun my dipes I will post pics!


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