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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Brezza : My Review

  I did a lot of research before purchasing a babyfood processor...Brie was very happy with her Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker so that was my first choice - But after spending some time researching I found a brand that was NEW and was not for sale until late January- Baby Brezza.  (I was shopping in the beginning of January) So I felt torn...I knew the beaba was a great processor, but I was intrigued by the $50 smaller price tag of the Baby Brezza AND the one step feature which required no switching over the food before processing - You literally press ONE button and leave and when you come back 15-20 min later you have the creamiest baby food EVER!
    The things I really enjoy about the Baby Brezza are - *It was $100 vs some of the other one step babyfood makers higher price point. *Its dishwasher safe (Except for the drive shaft) I learned that the hard way, which brings me to my next point. *Great Customer Service - Since I have been in the customer service business for so many years, I really appreciate quality care from a company - especially a Large company. After I accidently put the drive shaft in the dishwasher the adhesive came off leaving the Processor broken...I placed a call to the customer service # I found on their Facebook Page - I was called back right away and my question was what kind of glue could I buy to fix it myself...They said not to worry and they asked for my address and mailed me a NEW drive shaft, no questions asked or shipping charged! I was impressed to say the least. Ok, back on track *I love the ONE step puree button, After peeling and dicing up whichever fruit or vegetable you are making, you just look up the cook time in the included *Recipe Book* and it tells you the appropriate steam time for that item - Then you just push the timer button and leave it to it's job! Below is Jema's favorite "Sweet Potatoes"
                                                             Mommy gets to taste test!



  1. Wow, this sounds pretty amazing. I might have to add this to my wish list. On another topic, do you or Brie have any suggestions for what kind of "activity center" or "play center" would be good for a baby once she outgrows her jumperoo (I have the Fisher Price Rainforest, which came highly recommended on your blog, by the way!). My baby is about to turn 8 months, and while she still has plenty of time left to play in her jumperoo, I am starting to think about what will come after that. Thanks in advance!

  2. Amy I learned after your little one grows out of the jumper she will be so mobile she won't want to be couped up anywhere!!! Time for major baby proofing! So some floor toys my oldest loved are the fisher price choo choo train that has balls that he could put in the top and they cam out the bottom and a big square toy that has nursey rhymes on each side. I'll find the name and post later since I'm doing this from my phone now. Also, for safetys sake you may want to put a pack n play up for her to play in while you do dishes, take a showe ect. They get into stuff very quickly!!!!

  3. As always, thanks for your great insight!

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