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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How alike are we?

I'm sure you have noticed a theme to some of the posts Jodi and I put up. We end up buying the same thing or have the same thoughts on subjects. That isn't just for this blog. We really are eerily similar.
For example:
We both worked in the beauty industry for a long time before we had our kiddos
We know a ton of the same people but didn't meet until 2 years ago. We didn't really become friends until a year ago.
Our hubbies not only grew up together but also ended up working for the same law firm(which is how we met, at the company Christmas party)
We got pregnant within a month of each other. Our husbands went out to lunch one day very early into our pregnancies and they both spilled the beans and we started emailing each other. 
We own so many of the same things I have lost count! From diaper bags and strollers to baby stuff we have ended up buying the same stuff without the other's knowledge that I was not even surprised to find out we have the same basic bathing suit(she has owned hers for a while and I just bought mine)
We both love Chicken Bryan from Carrabbas
We have almost the exact same personality.

It makes it easy to be friends and I really don't know what I would do without her! I am grateful that she let me talk her into doing this blog with me because that just gives us more reasons to text, talk and hang out! And a huge plus is Kayden(and Liam) love miss Jodi and are as excited as I am when we get to see her, Jema and Carl!


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