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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer

Once Liam started eating solids every day his poop was less runny, buttered popcorn smelling and was more .... foul. I knew the diaper liners I had been using would no longer cut it. So I quickly ordered the Bum Genius diaper sprayer. I had planned to make my own but my dislike of all thing Home Depot(which is strange since I am the 'handy' one in the house) made me put it off until I just bit the bullet and shelled out the extra $15 to have it come assembled. 
But, if you want to make your own, head over to Gidget Goes Home for a great tutorial.

And just so you know, the BG sprayer is also sold as the Coolcraft Mini-Shower.

Infact I ordered the BG sprayer and got the Coolcraft from But I knew this ahead of time so I was not concerned. 
Basiclly it is this:

They are simple to install and you only need a crescent wrench  and I would suggest some teflon tape to prevent leaks. Of course mine was not all that simple to install since the supply line to the toilet had been over tightened and stripped so I had to call my dad in to fix it for me. That was not a small feat since my master toilet is in a 'water closet' and so it is a tight fit:

But of course he came to my rescue and got it all fixed up!
(for the record, I tried to get a picture of him installing it but he would not sign the release)
I kid. But really, he said no :(

Jodi also got the same sprayer and she discovered a great trick! If you have strong water pressure like us, turn the handle only halfway to prevent spray-age of poop. Otherwise you will be cursing your new sprayer! Also, make sure your diaper is fully in the toilet, even in the water before you spray. Try and spray the poop away from the pocket to make sure it doesn't get trapped in there because more than likely it will stay trapped in there and make your dryer stink to high heaven! Make sure you turn your sprayer off after each use to make sure the fittings are not under constant pressure-they are not designed for that and you risk having a flood in your bathroom if you dont turn it off each time. 

You will find your handy dandy sprayer has other uses such as:
filling a bucket
cleaning up after poop explosions of the toddler variety(or man sized ones)
when aunt flo comes to visit 
general freshening up
the list goes on and on but you will not regret using it!


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