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Friday, March 18, 2011


News last week that even BPA free plastics have shown leeching of estrogen like chemicals made me take a second look at how I store my food.

We still don't know what the long term effect of these chemicals will be but it can't be good.

I have used Rubbermaid and Tupperware containers to store all sorts of food items for as long as I have had my own home, I have even heated things up in these containers.... in the microwave! Bad momma! We also have a dozen or so plastic plates that have seen better days. I know that the knife marks in these kind of plates can harbor dangerous bacteria but this was the final kick in the pants I needed to ditch the plastic.

Since we had just received our tax return, I decided to use some of that money on glass containers and Corelle dishes.
I got:

Libbey 16 ounce bowls with lids


All for about $70 shipped! I have never been so happy to throw old dishes away(especially since most of them were either dirty sitting in the sink OR filled with food from the fridge that needed throwing away anyway!)

And check out how cute they look in my fridge! You can see everything!

Another change I made was much more drastic than our food storage and a few new dishes, is one my family (especially my parent's and sister) will not believe.

I, Brie Williams, now wash all of my dishes by hand. Yes, the same person who as a teenager came up with every excuse to not do the dishes and the same person who lucked out in having a hubby to do them for her for the first 7 years of their marriage and the same person who usually has a sink full of dishes no matter what, is washing dishes by hand.

Part of this is because we have a crappy dishwasher that was always leaving a film on our dishes. Another part was because even the more earth friendly brands of dishwasher detergent freaked me out. And forget rinse aids! Chemicals designed to stay on your dishes to make sure there were no water spots?? YUCK!

So now I wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher to either dry or I run a quick, detergent free, rinse and sterilize cycle on them. I still may have dishes in my sink when you come over BUT I have much cleaner dishes in my cabinets and that is all I care about!

Now if I could get this pantry ...

to look like this one, I would be golden!!!


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  1. I totally agree I only use glass bottles as well even if they're safe there is just something comforting about this was a great post...thanks!