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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sophie the $17 chew toy giraffe...

Per the HIGH recommendation from a friend when I was half way through my pregnancy I purchased on sale and with a coupon,Sophie the Giraffe. To say the least I was not impressed with how expensive this glorified dog toy cost, But being a first time mommy and wanting the BEST for my Gem and went ahead and bought the giraffe.  Sophie on Amazon
   I am happy to report back that at 4 months old Jema loves Sophie... The texture is very soft and very flixible, which makes her holding it a breeze! She loves chewing on the hoofs and the ears (Both parts are a little harder than the rest of the giraffe) Jema loves starring at sophie as well, I would guess it's the contrasting between the cream colored body and the brown spots - the simple things that entertain our little ones!
   It doesn't have a strong rubber smell which is good..there are some reviews out there that state this toy can be a choking advice with the toy is it's pretty tough construction, and I think it's best suited for early teethers and not a toddler with a full set of chompers... And as always just keep an eye on your baby while playing with any toy...sheesh blankets suffocate babies all the time...just using common sense and I think this is a fun toy to invest in for your baby...It's of course made out of all non toxic materials....Is it worth the $15-$20......I say NO, not unless you have a coupon/sale or register for one...But I would gladly spend $10-$14 on this little toy! I also wanted to mention that this chew toy is very soft and squishy...seriously feels like a dogs toy....I think in the pics it looks as if it would be firm and more foam like....heres a picture of me squeezing it in my hand so you can see how flexible it is..

This is a great video on how Sophie is made and some fun facts

***After watching the video on the link above, I have more respect for the toy...She is over 50 years old and handmade in France... I'm happy we have sophie b/c it has turned out to be one of Jema's favorite toys...coincidence....I'm not sure :) 



  1. I'm so glad you did a review on Sophie! I was wondering whether or not I should purchase one for my now 5 month old daughter. Turns out, she got one for Christmas! In fact, she actually ended up getting two for Christmas! She still seems to be trying to figure out what to do with it. Hasn't quite grasped the "chew on it" concept. Now my dogs, on the other hand...well, let's just say Sophie has been stolen a few times!

  2. Amy, My dogs are so interested in Sophie as well...I hate to think once my lo starts crawling what will happen to poor sophie :( hehe!