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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My favorite Apps!

Jodi has her iPhone(which I covet A LOT) and I have my iPod touch. They have been lifesavers for us! Besides being able to play Words with Friends and chat away while nursing, the apps we have found have been super helpful! Here are some of my favorite apps:
For Liam
Baby Timer 
allows me to track feedings(bottle or breast and if breast, which side and how long), diapers and naps. In those early months of sleeplessness this was the only way I could remember when the next feeding was. I dont use it as much anymore but I really love it for keeping my mind straight and Liam fed for the first 3 months of his life.

My Baby Einstein
This has the classic Baby Einstein videos, flash cards and more on an easy to use app. Kayden LOVED Baby Einstein and Liam has been fascinated by it as well. Nice for long car rides or long church service(with the volume off of course!)
The Baby Rattle bab bab by Air Buggy
Keeps Liam(and Kayden entertained if we are out running errands for too long. It is colorful and has sweet sound effects that sound like wind chimes!

For Kayden (3 years old)
Color Me is like a coloring book on the go! It is constantly updating the pages so Kayden never gets bored and is very user friendly. Not that he needs it though, he knows how to work my iPod better than I do and I am the computer geek in the family!

We have been working on tracing letters and writing our name lately and this app, iWrite Words has been a life saver! We actually downloaded a ton of tracing games but this was the only one that my son kept going back to.

We are a HUGE fan of the Meet the...(Letters, Numbers, Sight Words, Shapes, Colors ect) Family. We have all of the DVDs and most of the workbooks and they have really helped Kayden master all of these areas. It is nice to have an app that goes with the program for on the go learning.

Preschool Adventure apps are great! They use games to teach a whole host of lessons and they are great about updates as well to keep it fresh and interesting for toddlers!

Now, I must confess that Kayden also plays his fair share of Angry Birds, Star Wars Lightsaber, Fling, Koi Pond and Talking Carl! He loves the iPod so much that other gaming systems(like the vTech) are too elementary for him to mess with! I love that he is able to sit quietly in the doctors office, grocery shopping, during church and on long car rides. 



  1. Now I want a new phone! All of those sound great.

  2. Love this blog Brie! Love the app ideas too. We love

    Itsy Bitsy
    Shape Builder

    Hope you had a great Christmas. It was great to see you at Skylar's party last month too! Take care!