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Friday, January 7, 2011

Babymel Diaper bag review....

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I had a few requirements so I wouldn't be giving up on the fashions I loved dearly... 1. I wanted a really cool, yet functional diaper bag and 2. I wanted a really cool and modern stroller.... You have seen my post on the stroller I love, so I thought it was only fair I share some of the awesome diaper bags that I've found...

    The first one I bought was a BabyMel - I found it for a great price at TJmaxx ($20)....However I think it was a fluke that it was there because I have looked many more times and have never seen another one there again...I had honestly never heard of the brand before seeing it there, so I checked out some of the reviews online to see what people thought of it. To say the least the reviews were great and it doesn't scream DIAPER BAG when you see the bag, which was a HUGE plus for me! Here is a pic of the BabyMel style I own but not the same color (This is actually the color pattern Brie owns) Babymel on Amazon  ($98)

FUN FACT: The first time Brie and I hung out with our "new" babies we both had this Diaper say the least we knew we were destined to be great friends...

So the features I LOVE on this diaper bag are
  1. It doesn't really look like a Diaper Bag, more like an over-sized purse
  2. The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can opt to wear it more like a messenger bag if you choose
  3. Insulated side pockets...It has one on each side and these are great for bottles and also drinks for mom water bottles.
  4. Changing pad included (Nice and thin, no bulk)
  5. Tons of inner pockets to keep things organized.
  6. Outer pockets provide access to items quickly
  7. It's pretty thin construction and doesn't have a bulky feeling, even when packed to the max.
  8. It's machine washable....enough said :)
I am very happy to say the least with this Diaper bag. If you are looking for a highly functional yet trendy looking Diaper Bag I would suggest the BabyMel Bag!


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