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Friday, January 7, 2011

Go GAGA Slide Diaper Bag review....

After many hours of researching Diaper Bags I came across this bag, Go Gaga... It is not your average Diaper bag, no it actually is a new way of thinking and design incorporated into one..GENIUS!

This is the bag I purchased, called the SLIDE...They do have a fleet of different styles to choose from though. :)

We actually purchased this bag with my husband in mind...I had come across a few marketing pics of men wearing it and showed him that men could wear Diaper Bags too...However since my Little princess is with me 98% of the time I decided to finally take this out of the closet and rip those tags off...Does anyone else here LOVE ripping tags off something new?????? ;)
      So the day I chose to break it in was the day I was going to Universal Studios for a whole day with my 4 month old....If it didn't pass that test, it was going up for sale on Ebay! I am happy to report back that after using it all day at Universal I am still using it as my everyday Diaper Bag. Let me tell you some of the key points that make this Diaper Bag so neat.
  1. The most important feature in my opinion is the shoulder strap. It was designed with this stretchy material that fans open over your shoulder so that the weight of the Diaper bag is distributed evenly across your shoulder and back. If you have a bad back like I do, then this should be your #1 pick for a Diaper Bag...I went to lunch with a group of friends yesterday, and as I'm picking up the diaper bag and Jema's car seat with her 17lb butt inside, someone offered to help me and I said no thanks and showed them the shoulder strap and said, "It doesn't even feel like I'm carrying the diaper bag" She was so impressed and stated they did not have such cool things out when she had babies!
  2. When you set the Diaper Bag down it stand upright because of the hard material on the more diaper bags falling over and everything tumbling out!
  3. It's got 2 really great side insulated pockets for bottles, juices, water bottles, anything!
  4. The overall construction on the bag is very thin...It is so nice not to bump into people while wearing your diaper bag.
  5. If you are like Brie and I and always have your Iphone/Itouch, it comes with a carry case attached to the strap for those two items. (I'm sure other cell phone and ipods would fit as well, just maybe not a perfect fit)
  6. Comes with a changing pad and a sleeve to slide over your traveling wipe container.
  7. Plenty of storage inside complete with a divider you can attach inside or leave out giving you options for one big storage area or 2 medium spaces.

I am very happy with this Diaper Bag so far - It's great to have as a universal bag that works for mom and dad both and offers a ton of great features. This bag was thought out very carefully before it was made and it shows!!! Check out the Gogaga bag styles here  OR GO GAGA on Amazon  FYI - they do sell these bags at  BuyBuyBABYso you can always buy from them and use a 20% off coupon!!!!!

please leave comments and let us know which Diaper Bags you have tried!!!! :)



  1. I have a JJ Cole diaper bag purchased from Buy Buy Baby. It's great if I'm only going to be out for a few hours, but doesn't hold enough for an all day outing. Maybe that's just because I am a first time mom and feel the need to pack anything and everything I might possibly need though. :)

  2. Every first time mom packs everything the first go round! Even though Jodi and I have the same diaper bag, hers must be 10 pounds heavier! I can't figure out what she keeps in there but if you need it, she has it!
    To keep my diaper bag a little lighter, I keep some emergency stuff in my glove box. That way I can save my back and not worry about being left unprepared!

  3. I'm slowly lighting my load... But it's so hard to decide what to take and what to leave! Although I didn't have enough outfit changes packed when we went to universal..and my girl ended up in just a diaper and babylegs and bib... lol!!! Thank you poop explosion for that one! :)