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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mommy Moments- Easy at home spa treatments

Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself. As much as I enjoy being a mom, I really miss some aspects of my old, pre-mommy, life.I spent my days in spas and salons experimenting with every type of treatment imaginable! I amassed a huge supply of products to keep up my home regime but after over three years of being out of the game, my supplies are all but gone. I've come up with a few treatments that you can incorporate into your daily routine with stuff you probably have in your pantry.

Sugar Momma

We have had a very 'dry' winter here in Florida. Our skin is paying the price and leaving me with a serious case of lizard legs. My favorite shower treatment is a simple sugar scrub. I keep a few cups of sugar in a glass bottle in my shower(an old drink bottle). When my skin needs an extra boost I combine a handful of sugar with my bodywash and scrub away. When my skin is really dry or I want to do my feet, I skip the body wash. This way the sugar does not dissolve as quickly and I get more dead skin off. Follow with your favorite moisturizer and you will have super smooth skin! Scrub your skin before your shave and you will have the closest shave ever!

Honey and Oatmeal facial

Mix a quarter of a cup of honey and half a cup of quick cook oatmeal with  a half a cup of water and cook. Let cool and spread over your face 30 minutes before your shower. To give an extra exfoliant boost, add 2 table spoons of lemon juice. Rub off in the shower and you will have a super healthy glow!

The magic of Tea Tree oil

If you plan on sprucing up your bikini area for a hot date or day at the beach take an extra step to avoid bikini rash. Fill your bathroom sink with warm water and add a 10-15 drops of Tea Tree oil to the water. Soak wash cloths, cloth baby wipes or paper towels in the sink and then ring out most of the water. Roll the towels up and place them in a zip-lock bag. Keep the bag in the fridge. Apply the towel to your bikini area right after the shave and a few days following to keep ingrown hairs at bay. If you wax at home, like I do, these towels are great to use on any newly waxed area.



  1. I love this post because it's cheap stuff!! One question: does using the sugar make you feel sticky, it seems like it would if you just washed it off and then put moisturizer on top? But I'm totally going to try it on my super dry legs. Thanks, girl!

  2. Nope, not sticky AT ALL! It rinses right off, no problem! The point of the sugar is just to buff the skin. If you REALLY want to get smooth skin you can use kosher salt but if you have any kind of cut it will sting like salt water!
    Try Shea Butter for those cold winters up there in colorado. It works and is cheaper than expensive creams. Also, on my birth board there was this chick with killer skin. We called her shiny naked chick because she would post these amazing pregnancy photos every month of a naked side profile. She didnt have a single stretch mark because she slathered herself in shea butter every night!