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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 minute makeup in 6 easy steps!!!!

    The most important thing we can do BEFORE applying makeup is use a good moisturizer....Especially if your not getting enough sleep and not eating a balanced diet, as most moms have a hard time doing...Well at least I do!
     But I am here to give you some quick and easy makeup tips to help you get out the door without looking like you haven't slept in 48 hours!

1.A quick and easy foundation option is Tinted Moisturizer - This foundation is very sheer, but evens out imperfections on skin and adds a soft and healthy glow, and also has spf to protect your skin. A couple of note worthy brands are Clinique~ Medium price point Bobbi Brown~  My favorite formula  Physicians Formula~ Organic
2. Use a bronzer to warm up your complexion and bring the warmth we usually carry in our decollete onto our face so we "match" The best way to match a bronzer is hold it up to your decollete and find the undertone that matches that skin. Some great bronzers are NARS~ Laguna Bronzer , this bronzer is a great color for 8 out of 10 people I would say...It's NOT orange it's a wonderful golden brown hue. Also theres Physicians Formula~  Light Bronzer Mosaic
3. Concealers, Concealers, Concealers.....this should be the MOST important item in your everyday makeup routine...When we don't get enough sleep, water, or just getting older...our undereyes give us away FIRST....My top pics for concealer are Bobbi Brown ~Award Winning *there are a lot of shades with this concealer, so you will have to visit a store to be matched! MAC buildable coverage Physicians Formula again impresses me with this double concealer compact 2 in one
4.Mascara is a MUST before any woman leaves the house....Well not a must...But yes, a must if you want to portray a fresh and rested complexion! Mascaras are easy to come by, and I suggest just stocking up on drug store namebrands. Stay away from waterproof formulas. They are very harsh on your already delicate eyelases and there really isn't a need. Covergirl~ Lashblast  & Volume Exact are my two picks!
5.A nice bright blush to pop on the apple of your cheeks!!! Don't be afraid to get a little bold with the color you choose for a blush, they always tone down after about 25 min. and if you just smile cheesy and apply it just to the apples then it comes out looking wonderful and fresh! Covergirl~ Classic Pink is a GREAT color for almost every woman.
6.Lipgloss/Tinted chapstick to condition and protect your lips.

So my recap...You don't need a lot of makeup to freshen yourself up to leave the house. Just use these 6 steps and you will have a beautiful and fresh makeup look that says rested, pretty, and shows that you still can take time on YOU!


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