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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Using my Babycook

Time for a review of on of my favorite Christmas gifts, the Bebea Babycook!
Liam has not been gaining as much weight as my doctor would like so I decided to add a little bit of food to his routine. I was hoping to wait a little longer before feeding him solids but getting my Beaba Babycook made starting baby food now an exciting adventure!
I fed Kayden commercially available baby food(primarily Earths Best), and while he obviously thrived, I wanted to be in more control of what went into his little body. Making baby food myself just seemed so much a of pain that I never did it(like cloth diapers... seeing a pattern?).
So when I decided I would make my own baby food this time around I did some research. The best site I found is Wholesome Babyfood,  which helped me decide we would forgo rice cereal and start with avocado. It is a super food with all sorts of good fats for their developing brain. I also knew I wanted to do carrots, peas, bananas and squash as first foods.
I have a huge freezer supply of breast milk so I assumed I would add that into my processed food to thin it out. What I found, however, is that you are not supposed to freeze breast milk in the food itself but that formula was safe to freeze in baby food. Luckily I have an emergency can of formula that is about to go bad(they are only supposed to be open for  one month) so I decided I would thin the food with formula instead.
The avocado was very easy to prepare. Roll it around your counter top to loosen it from the skin, cut it in half, remove the core(seed??) from the middle and scoop out the flesh. When Liam gets a little older and can tolerate thicker mix, I can just mash it with a fork, but since this mix needed to be thin and smooth I opted to process it. Avocado does not need cooking so I threw all of the meat from one avocado and 4 ounces of formula to the bowl of my Babycook and blended it till smooth. This got me about 7 ounces of food.

I put it in my baby food containers and froze what I would not use that day.

Liam was a little unsure of this new texture in his mouth. The next 5 minutes we played a game of him pushing the food out with his tongue and me putting it back in on the spoon. But soon he got the hang of it and gobbled down 1/2 an ounce! Unsure of how his tummy would do with this new food I held back on giving him more.

But it sure was a hit! He at over an ounce the next day and would have had more if I had let him! I also made carrots and bananas at the same time and ended up with 12 jars of baby food stocked in my freezer, with only 20 minutes of prep time.
I also decided to make Kayden and I smoothies.

That was a hit as well! Now Kayden asks for smoothies almost every day, which for a kid who doesnt eat fruit on a regular basis, is a miracle!
I am so excited to try more mixes and start getting creative with what Liam eats! I am a firm believer in "Under 1 is just for fun" and so fun is what we are having!

Edited to add my smoothie recipe:
2 cups of frozen strawberries(partially thawed either in the steamer basket or in the microwave)
2 bananas broken into 2 inch bits
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup of water or more depending on how liquid-y you like your smoothies
You can blend all of this together for a lo-cal smoothie or add yogurt or orange juice in place of the water :)

I also have been known to sneak some steamed carrots or celery to my smoothies to up Kaydens veggie count!


  1. Can you post the recipe you used for the smoothies? :) I'm planning to make my own baby food too, although my daughter hasn't been given the green light yet from her pediatrician. Do either of you have any experience with handheld immersion blenders? I got one for Christmas, and I'm hoping to be able to use it to whip up some concoctions for the little one. Any "easy" recipes you can share would be much appreciated!

  2. I posted my recipe for the smoothies!

    I used to use a hand held blender for making soups and smoothies but it was lost in our last move :(
    The key to get your food really smooth with an immersion blender is to have plenty of liquid and keep it on the move. Use a flat bottomed container to blend in and you should be fine! Im not sure how it would work with small portions though so you might want to get a small food processor for $30 so you can work in smaller batches.

  3. Thank you so much for posting the smoothie recipe! I will definitely be trying that one out! It looks delicious. Thanks for the immersion blender tips too. We are having a "second" Christmas with the other side of the family and I found out someone is getting me a food processor, so hopefully I will be good to go! I'm not great in the kitchen so hopefully I will be able to convince my daughter to eat my homemade food! :)