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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

♪♪♫♫These are a few of my favorite things.... ♪♫♪♫

Let me start off with the suggestion to scroll down a bit a read Brie's post on her Ergo carrier Ergo!!! Thanks to Brie's suggestion and after trying just about every popular baby carrier on the market, this is the carrier that gets my Vote and 5 stars!!!!

This carrier puts Jema to sleep EVERY single time I use it! I use it to get chores done around the house, shopping, or to comfort her when she's fussy. It really is a perfect design to not put strain on your back or shoulders like others (Baby Bjorn) do. I love the idea of my Mody wrap, but it's SO much material and so HOT that I usually opt for the Ergo or my seven sling.

Another item to top my list is the Fisher Price Rock N Play  Rock N Play . This item was a LIFE SAVER the first 4 weeks of Jema's life. We were having trouble with getting her to sleep in her bassinet, so after begging for help on FB a couple of friends had suggested this sleeper.We went out that night with doubts that it would actually help and bought it ( I promised Carl that if it didn't help her sleep that night that I would return it ASAP) Well it worked wonders and we finally were able to catch some Zzzz's! It's also great for babies that suffer from Reflux because of the incline it holds the baby at. I also use this everyday for when I am getting ready - It fits through doorways so I just place Jema in it and move her around the house during shower time, makeup, eating and anything else you need to get done.
5 Stars from ME! Also you'll notice Jema has her Wubbanub paci holder in this pic - See below for more info.

The newest toy to join our family is Jema's christmas present that we gave her early. Its again by Fisher Price and its the Rainforest jumperoo jumperoo. We first tried the doorway jumper without success - It had little to no bounce to it, and Jema was having a hard timewith it as well. So after researching again, we found tons of great reviews on this jumperoo. Yes it takes up a lot of space, but once you see how much your baby loves it, it's worth the space consumption in my opinion. Besides being great fun for baby it's helping her motor skills develop and offers interactive fun.

   I also love my halo sleep sack/swaddle, we tried atleast half a dozen different swaddles before finding this sleep system. And when she's done being swaddled you are left with a sleep sack that can be used alone. They come in array of sizes, colors and materials which is awesome! SleepSack
I almost forgot about a MUST, MUST have, it's a soothie Wubbanub Plush Pacifier Toy- Not only does this help the paci stay in your babies mouth safely but it also makes finding pacifiers a breeze! You have to hand wash the stuffed animal part and just stick the paci part in boiling water to sanitize. Jema's favorite is Mango the Monkey pictured below! :) Paci Holder
Although I have many favorite items, these are just a few I wanted to share with you today!!! If you notice all the links I share are through I have found the best deals on Amazon and it's easy to shop online when your home with a new baby. Don't forget when shopping with Amazon to register as a Amazon Mom - this gives you free membership into their PRIME promotion, which entitles you to FREE 2 day shipping on any items that say Prime next to them. And No sales tax on any of the items you order...Does it get any better than that?
Amazon Mom Sign Up Page   Please comment below on some of your favorite items, or if you've tried some of the items listed in this post - We LOVE feedback! :D


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  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog and a new mom too! I've tried the Halo Sleepsacks and love love love them. I have an Ergo that I haven't used yet but can't wait to try it out. Found this post to be very helpful. Looking forward to more of them!