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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Co-sleeping set up

When Kayden was a baby, this is the exact set up I used for the first three months of his life. When he started sleeping through the night, he moved into his own room. I loved my set up so much, especially my chair(pictured above), that when we moved, I made my husband drag this old, beat up chair to up the stairs in our new home. Right before Liam was born I happily set up our room for our new little addition. This time, instead of a co-sleeper(which had gone back to live with my sister), we used a bassinet next to the bed. I also stopped using the sleep positioner since the FDA recommended against them when Liam was a month old.
The Boppy Swaddle wrap is impossible to find now but luckily I saved mine from my first and happily used them until Liam was 2 months, when we switched over to a Halo Sleepsack.
Having everything I needed so close and organized helped make night feedings(and pumping) so much easier! I know that the little sleep we did get in the begining was all due to a good set up in our room that kept everything we needed close at hand.
Some babies do not do as well wil co-sleeping and need their own space(Jodi's Jema is one of these babies) but my kids did very well with it. Kayden left our room at 3 months and just last week Liam started in his own room and has kept his sleeping patterns. I miss them being so close but I know developing the ability to put themselves back to sleep now will help them the rest of their lives!
My chair is still in it's place though!

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