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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 Breastfeeding Must-Haves!

Ok, So I just wanted to take a few minutes and list some of the items I have found to be important in my journey of Breastfeeding. At first I was over whelmed with all the pumps, bottles, covers, creams, pads...ect...ect..ect... I mean the baby business is a multi billion dollar industry, They know we will spare NO expense for our little ones to have the best! So if your thinking about Breastfeeding or are currently breastfeeding please continue on a see what items I love and feel free to comment on items you have found to be life savers when it comes to Breastfeeding!!!! :) The list is not in order of importance, just in the order that they enter my brain!
1.Medela Pump in style Medela
2.Medela Tender car Lanolin Cream
3.Pump and save bags (Take up less room in freezer for storage) Milk Storage
4.Nursing pads with lanolin in center on pad Nursing Pads
5.Boppy's (At least 2 around the house) Boppy Pillow
6.Nursing cover (One that won't slip off) Nursing Pancho
7.Comfort nursing bra Bra
8.Iphone/Itouch APP *Total Baby (Times nursing sessions,naps,everything!)
9.Burp Cloths ( Don't waste $ on cute burp cloths,they rarely catch anything- go for cloth diaper trifolds) Burp
10.Rocking chair/Comfy Chair ( You spend so much time nursing that you should invest in a comfy chair that you enjoy sitting in. Glider

And thats my 10 top must-haves for breastfeeding!!! Everything I listed a link for I have tried or own and I think it's a great product.
Feel free to leave feedback on items you've tried. Thanks!!!!


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