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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rumparooz Review

The day before black friday, also known as Thanksgiving, my sister told me about a sale that Kanga Care was having on their Rumparooz diapers. I knew immediately this would be my only chance to start cloth diapering and get a discount on diapers at the same time. I did some research and sent a text to Jodi to tell her what I had in mind. I believe she told me I was crazy :)
I got up at midnight and placed my first order for some solid color APLIX diapers, a wet bag and a few of their seconds diapers with snaps. I was so excited I made 3 total orders over the holiday weekend!
Rumparooz are a pocket diaper that is one size, fitted with snaps to size the diaper. They come with two of the 6r soakers, a newborn size and a one size insert. There are six settings for the inserts, which I love because I know they will grow with my baby. Infact, since my 3 year old is day potty trained but still has some wet nights, I use one on him every night! He is over the weight range by ALOT(42lbs) but the snaps still fit him with the boy doubler insert and it hasn't leaked yet!

I have heard that the APLIX closure does not last as long as the snaps but makes easier for dads or babysitters to change the baby. The inner and outer fabric are so soft! I have washed my diapers a ton since I got them and they look brand new! I also have had zero issue with the APLIX sticking to anything other than what it is supposed to. It never curls and never comes off on its own like the gDiapers do.

The big difference to me is the leg gussets. They keep the poop in the middle and create a tighter seal on the leg to combat leaks. 
Laundry is a breeze. Take the insert out and fold down the laundry tabs and throw them in together. The pocket is a nice size and I have no problem stuffing the diapers, but I have small hands. I also have never had an insert work its way out.
The boy doubler position. This uses both of the 6r inserts that come with the diaper. Mine are microfiber but they also offer hemp inserts.
Other than the price($23.50 for the solids and $25.50 for the prints), I have no complaints about the Rumparooz. They have been a great introduction to cloth and they will always be a large part of my stash! Liam seems more comfortable in them for a longer period of time. I have to constantly check him to see if he is wet because he won't tell me, he is so comfortable!
 The KangaCare website offers a rewards system that gives you a KangaCare gift certificate for a certain amount of money spent. I see that as a great plus for dedicated customers. You can earn extra reward points for following them on Facebook, Twitter and on their blog.  You also get points for reffering people to their website. If you order from them, make sure to mention Brie Williams! :)

Compared to the gDiapers, the Rumparooz are more trim through the leg and seem to be less bulky, although I am sure that is because I am using a prefold in the gDiaper and not their cloth insert.

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