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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

gDiaper Review

I've had gDiapers since my older son was 18 months old. Back then I tried the flushable inserts and ended up doing it only a handful of times. The gDiaper is a cloth outer with a snap in plastic liner that holds either the flushable or cloth insert. When you are using the flushable insert you have to take it out of the liner and tear it down one side to separate the filling and the paper liner. If you have a poopy diaper, it takes 2 flushes and a swishing stick. Kinda yucky compared to tossing it in the wash or just rinsing the poop off in the toilet.

I pulled my stash of 4 old gDiapers out of the closet after I ordered my Rumparooz. I took a prefold and put it in the plastic liner and it worked like a charm! I have a ton of Gerber prefolds I was using as burp cloths and spit up rags that have a new purpose!

Liam is at the bottom range of weight guidlines for the medium so they look a little big on him at the moment.
The g typically goes in the back but it is a HUGE pain to try and fasten the velcro that way so I like my g in the front. Works fine for me and since I started doing it I noticed chatter about others doing it on the gDiaper Facebook page.
I do have a few complaints. Even though the gDiapers have a laundry tab for the velcro, they never stay put and the tabs come out of the dryer curly. This gives them a greater chance of catching on something and getting pulled off. I also notice a slightly clammy feel to the diaper if it is even a little wet. This may be due to the prefolds I have been using, but at a cost of $29.99 for a pack of 6 inserts, I am not willing to buy the gCloth.
What I love is I can keep the shell on most of the day and just change out the prefold or the plastic liner if it gets soiled. If we are going to be gone all day, I put a gDiaper on and just throw a few prefolds and an extra liner into my bag. The prefolds take up less space in my wet bag too, which I love. I also love that I can get these at Babies R Us, which is great, especially if I have a coupon.

The gDiapers represent almost half of my stash at this point but I think I will keep the 6 I have and the next time I buy diapers I will branch out and get a few of the Kawaiis Jodi loves so much or some BumGenuis!

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