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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tricks for washing Cloth Diapers in my Front Loader....Sigh!

   So as I embark on this journey into cloth diapering I have already learned a few tricks... It appears that owning a front loader (FL) washer&dryer are not the best for washing CD's- Who'd of thunk it? All these years loving having FL's and BAM they are now a pain. I have researched and tried a few tricks and wanted to share what I've learned so far.
    Ok first off you must soak your dipes in COLD water....Use a bucket, use your tub, or use your good ole top loading washing machine (Jealous if you have one) but I am focusing on FL washing only at this time!
    The tricks : I own a Samsung VRT, and what I've been doing is running a COLD/RINSE cycle first(No detergent yet) - ** add a full size bath towel soaked with water to the load of dipes before It starts first cycle. This adds to the weight of the load and "tricks" the washing machine into thinking more is loaded in and results in more COLD water gushing through your poopy dipes (YAY)!! Step 2 - Run a regular Hot wash with detergent (I like tiny bubbles detergent so far)  Add extra rinse to cycle.
Step 3 - Try to check your dipes while in rinse cycle and make sure there are NO visible suds remaining...if there are still suds repeat step 1 only then Dry on low/normal heat or HANG dry if you can! If there were no suds remaining after step 2 then continue on to the drying step. **If staining remains hang your inserts out in the sun for a natural bleaching and cleaning (After washing in machine first of course) This has worked for me so far, but I will update as time proves if this is still the best cleaning routine for FL machines :)  Happy Diapering!


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