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Monday, December 6, 2010

4 brands of Cloth Diapers Oh My!

   As I begin this journey into CD'ing I find myself already building up quite a stash of diapers. So far I own Bumgenius 4.0 (snaps)  FuzziBunz (snaps) and Kawaii (snaps) Gdiapers (velcro)  - The Bums's are around $18-$22 each, Fuzzi's are about the same as Bum's , and Kawaii's are $10. It's still very soon into my journey for me to say which are my favorites, but Kawaii's and Bum's are proving to be topping my chart and Kawaii's ($10) are pulling ahead with each new day. Why you ask, well Kawaii's have a really SOFT interior which means super absorbent and come with TWO inserts....not to mention they fit my LO like a dream! Bum's also have a great absorbency, but are not as fuzzy on the inside (Might be better in summer) But for now I love keeping her BUM warm and cozy in this cold weather! Gdiapers are a great hybrid, and thanks to my Bfry Brie I use a Gdiaper with a good ole fashioned cloth trifold, great backup diaper.I feel like FuzziBunz is not getting a fair chance yet, only b/c I bought size Medium and it's for 15-30 lbs. and my LO is barely 15 lbs. so that could account for the fact that I already had a pee leak while she was wearing a Fuzzi - I will review them again once she gets a little chunkier!!!
    This is my first week of cloth diapering and I wanted to make sure and share my first diapers and what I thought of them. Buying CD's can be very over whelming and there is no shortage of opinions out there.Some have been CD'ing for so long that I fear they forget which were best when they were brand spankin new to the world of CD'ing. I will be doing a video review of each of the 4 brands I listed above, so stay tuned!!! :)


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