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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The REAL cost of disposable diapers.

I hate math but for some reason I had an urge to figure out how much money I spent on Kayden's disposable diapers. Here is my breakdown:

1st 3 months at 8 changes a day= $91, requiring 2.6 boxes of 276ct pampers

The next 24 months until pull ups: $805 5 changes a day , requiring 23 boxes of 156 ct huggies diaper for $35 each.

Next 12 months in pull ups(this is how long it took Kayden to become day trained)=$1079.10
4 changes a day 90 packs of jumbo huggies pull ups

This equals a staggering $1975.10. Looking back I wish I had never used the pull ups. I think he would have been trained earlier if we had stuck with diapers but hindsight is 20/20.

How much have I spent on my cloth diaper stash and supplies?
For 37 diapers plus:
diaper sprayer
2 Rumparooz hanging wet bags
1 purse wet bag
detergent(Charlies, Rockin Green, Seventh Generation)
cloth wipes
diaper liners
2 doz prefolds

Minus $35 in stash cash I used

equals a total of ....


Now, tell me... how can you afford to NOT cloth diaper?



  1. My husband always says that the water and energy used to wash and dry the diapers costs money too. I still argue that even with those costs, it is way less than disposables! Thanks for posting it.

  2. I wanted to adress that too but since we have not lived here long enough to compare month to month I decided not to. Maybe one of our readers who lived in their house for a year before cloth diapering would be willing to send me the info.

  3. My issues with cloth diapers: The amount of time you have to spend up front to figure out which type/kind of diapers best suit your lifestyle AND how to do it. I feel like all the blogs about cloth diapering say that one brand is better and then the next month they're saying another brand is better. Also, the amount of time spent rinsing/cleaning. Also, my husband is going to change a lot of diapers and I know he doesn't want to have to spend more TIME cleaning up more than he has to do. Basically, I see that CD saves money but I feel like my time is more precious than money, especially with two children who will already have to sacrifice a lot of time then they're use to with me. I'm definitely going to keep cloth diapers in my 72 hour kit, though, and think it's awesome that all my good friends do it. And when I can afford a diaper service, I'll probably do it, even if that matches the cost of disposables because then its saving me time and the environment. :)

  4. I cloth diaper and am glad I do, but I too would be interested in knowing how the cost of washing the diapers factors in...just curious!