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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stroller Wars : Lightweight Division

   Brie is quickly rubbing off on me and this is my 5th stroller I've bought, and my daughter is only 6 months old!!!! I currently own 3( I've learned that it's best to sell the strollers I don't want anymore on Amazon or on Craigslist.) My newest hunt was to find a small lightweight stroller that I could pop in and out of my car in 2 Sec. and transfer between our two cars without getting into a fight with my full size stroller that I love - but weighs a bit and is wide and akward to move around.
   After many hours of research I finally came across The First Years Ignite Stroller, Red Stripe on Amazon. The reviews from other consumers speak volumes to me. Overall most are very happy with the stroller and So am I. Let me point out some of the feautures that make this stroller a winner in my eyes!

- I love the height of the stroller handles, no slouching for this 5'7 mom!!!!
- This stroller is rated to carry up to 50lbs which is great in comparison to other umbrella strollers!
- 5 point harness :)
- Reclines to accomodate a sleeping baby /younger baby.
- Larger sun canopy than other strollers
-Super small compact fold (Umbrella fold style)
-Only complaint is the small basket - which is unavoidable on this style - so I'm fine with it.
-Wish it came with harness pads - I can buy after market ones, so not a big deal.

I'm really happy with this stroller - it's very comfortable to push and my 6 month old is very comfortable riding. It ony weighs 14lbs so is super easy to transport and the fact that it carries a child up to 50lbs is awesome!!!! I see this stroller staying in our lives for a long time! :)

It's selling for $50.99 with FREE shipping with Amazon Prime -


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