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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stroller wars- Lightweight division

I'll confess this right up front. I have purchased another stroller. For those of my family keeping count(and yes, they have kept count), this is stroller number 10 that I have bought since Kayden was born 3 1/2 years ago. I was down to 2 and had not purchased a stroller in 18 months when I realized I had a stroller gap.

Let me explain. I have my Phil and Teds Dash with Doubles Kit that I love for when both kids will need to be in a stroller and for when I need to click Liam's infant car seat into a stroller. BUT it is HEAVY. Lugging it in and out of the car for a quick trip is just not practical and and small as it is for a double stroller, it is a big single stroller.

I also have my Mia Moda Cielo Evolution that was perfect for Kayden from 18 months till now(he has finally grown out of it. BUT it is not ideal for the first 18 months because the seat does not recline enough and if Liam decides to spit out his paci or drop his sippy or toy, it is good as gone. There is nothing keeping it in the stroller. Plus the "basket" and the sun shade leave alot to be desired. The steering is phenomenal and the fold is nothing short of amazing but it just is not ideal for this age.

So, after some searching, I found the Contours Lite at only $52.

The basket is HUGE(goes from front to back), the seat reclines pretty far back, it has a bumper bar/snack tray, the sun shade is HUGE and it has 2 cup holders. The Kolcraft website totes the 'compact fold' and standing fold design. It all looked great, especially compared the Joovy Kooper that I was also considering(at $140). So I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon, especially since I had free Prime shipping through Amazon Mom.

I got it and put it together pretty quickly, sending Jodi pictures of both boys in the stroller. Liam fits perfectly but Kaydens knees hit the bumper bar.

Then, I folded it. That, folks, is the so called 'compact' fold. Obviously there is nothing compact about it. At first I was annoyed but then I realized, I LOVED everything else about this stroller. In the end I would rather have a fully functional open stroller than a super small non functional compactly folded stroller.

Up next is Jodi's pick for a lightweight, compact stroller. Let us know what your picks are!

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