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Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 months later- a look at my diaper stash

It's been three months since I started cloth diapering, which is amazing because I feel like I have been doing it since day 1 with Liam. We have officially made the leap to solid foods and all of the joys that follow. I have learned so much but I am so happy with my decision to cloth diaper!
So, three months down what does my stash look like?

I own a dozen Rumparooz. All but three of them are APLIX, those three being some 'seconds' I use at night time. Since I ordered a print I can easily identify which ones need to be doubled up when I stuff them and it is easy for hubby to grab the right diaper at bed time. I am still pretty happy with my Rumps but they are the most expensive diapers I own so I expect alot from them. I do have one diaper that I cannot get the stink out of. I'm worried that poo may be stuck in one of the leg gussets but I have yet to find the real source.
I was not that kind in my initial review of my Bum Genius One Size 4.0 APLIX diapers. I'm still not comepletly bowled over by them but they have never leaked and never stink so that makes me very happy!!! I took advantage of a sale over on Diaper Junction and ordered a ton so now I have a dozen of these as well.  The only thing I don't like about BGs is the flap on the back that is supposed to keep the insert from coming out, it is so big IT always ends up sticking up out of the back of the diaper and that drives me crazy!
Oh, gDiapers. Such a great idea but you just fell short of the mark. I own six of these, and while I love the fact that you can use the same liner until a poop and the same outer until it gets soiled, the velcro tabs drive me crazy! They are not 'grabby' enough and after a wash or two they curl up so they catch on everything. They also do not stay on the laundry tabs in the wash so I have taken to hanging them to dry. Really, unless I need to save space by packing inserts and a few liners or I it is laundry day I just don't use my gDiapers. Maybe once Liam is a little older and I need a diaper where the tabs are on the back these will make it back into rotation but for now they are my back up diaper.
My new favorite diaper is hands down the Kawii's Jodi talked me into ordering(I got 4)! They are super simple to stuff(the PUL is not sticky and so the insert slides right in), the leg opening seems higher so it doesnt cut into Liam's leg like the Rumparooz do, and they are CHEAP! At over half the price of the Rumparooz, this is my pick for a great, cheap diaper.

So, that is 34 diapers plus one Perfect Size FuzziBunz. I think I am set on my stash right now but there are still so many diapers I want to try out so stay tuned!!!


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