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Monday, February 7, 2011

Post Baby Jean Hunt!

My hunt to find Jeans post baby.... This was a long process and anyone that knows me, knows I will spend good $ on great fitting denim.
   After I had Jema though my body changed...I can fit in my old jeans, I just don't like or feel comfortable in them anymore.So the hunt began....Finding nice jeans that don't fall into the dreaded category of being "Mom Jeans"
   Tips I've learned and key words you want to say when describing to a sales consultant what kind of Denim your looking for.
~Always be up front and explain how you've recently had a baby - Usually they will stay away from the extreme low rise with the bejeweled pockets :)

~Say you are looking for a mid rise Cut and I would either opt for a boot cut or straight leg.
BELOW is a great general Denim fit /style guide for specific body types...
another Link below with some Denim Options

~I find buying jeans without holes get more wear - You can dress them down with flip flops or up with heels.

~Ask the sales consultant if the particular denim you are purchasing stretches a size after wearing...The most recent Jeans I bought DID stretch a whole size and I had to return them....

~ To test the stretch out factor before removing tags -wear the jeans around the house for as long as you can before ripping those tags off.

~I find a Denim with stretch fits my post baby body better
BELOW is another great site I found relating to post pregnancy bodies and how to help.

 I highly recommend shopping a BUCKLE for Denim...They are very knowledgeable on their stock and they'll do FREE alterations to any Denim you purchase!  <= These were one of my winners in the post baby Denim Hunt! Love!!!!

 Please leave comments on any post baby Denim you've found - I would LOVE to hear about someo other options!!!!

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  1. I appreciated this post. Sadly, I have not found any post baby denim that I love yet...still working on that! :)