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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More babyfood

I have found that making food once a week fits easily into my schedule and still only takes 20-30 minutes of real work time. When food is steaming I prep other food and clean my kitchen. Easy-peasy!

This week I made:

Butternut squash
*peel the squash and then cut in half. Remove seeds then dice the squash into chunks. Using a medium squash I had more than I needed so I took the remainder of my squash(everything pictured here, what didnt fit in the steamer basket) and froze it in a ziplock baggie. I started with just steaming and pureeing the squash but I will roast it on the next go round, once I know Liam is not allergic.

Green Beans
*Organic, with the tips cut off

Baby Carrots
* organic, washed

*Organic, cut in half, depitted and diced, not steamed, just pureed.

Still loving my Beaba Babycook but all of these could easily be made with a steamer basket and food processor!



  1. Liked this post! Just got the green light from the pediatrician to start my daughter on solids so my journey with that will begin over the weekend. I have a food processor, but not a steamer basket. Anyone have one they would recommend? By the way, I tried out the smoothie recipe using my food processor three nights ago and again tonight...delicious!

  2. Amy, you can use a simple metal steamer basket that goes in a pot of boiling water. I got mine at the grocery store(publix).Here is a link from amazon