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Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Cloth

When my first son was born, I thought nothing of using disposable diapers. When I was younger I nannied for a family that used pre-fold diapers, pins and plastic pants. They would soak poopy diapers in a 5 gallon bucket with vinegar. It stunk to high heaven and I was always so terrified that I would poke those poor kids with the diaper pins. I vowed I would NEVER cloth diaper my kids.

When Kayden was 18 months old, I ran across gDiapers. I was excited about being more environmentally friendly by using the flush-able inserts and eventually moving on to the cloth. I bought a starter pack and slapped them on. Everything was fine until my 18 month old tried to get up and walk. He noticed the difference in bulk and complained until I took them off. Experiment FAIL. I knew if I had started him at a younger age, it would have worked.

When Liam joined our family, we went right back to disposable. It wasn't until my sister told me about a deal she had found on Rumparooz that I started thinking about cloth diapering again.
I took advantage of some black Friday deals and got my first stash of diapers.

I also pulled my gDiapers out and added them to my stack. I stuffed the gDiapers with some prefolds I was using as burp cloths. This was my DUH moment. Why hadn't I tried this before?
I roped my friend Jodi into trying it too and together we poured through website after website confusing ourselves on cloth diapering.

Wow, there is a TON of information and STRONG opinions out there about cloth diapering.
I follow my manufacturers directions for care and with a few extra tools, I have found cleaning and caring for my cloth diapers is a breeze.

Jodi and I put together this blog to help moms(and dads) navigate through the TONS of info out there about parenting these days. We are not experts, we are just moms, trying to share our experiences and successes with all things motherhood.

We want to share tips about cloth diapering, breast feeding, making baby food, saving money and yummy recipes with you just like we would with our girlfriends.
We love feedback, so if you have a story, tips or recipes you want to share, email us!


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