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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review of HappyBites Veggie Tots

Until my toddler turned 18 months he ate everything and anything I put in front of him. Then he woke up one morning and all he wanted was muffins for breakfast, PB&J for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner. My good eater was GONE! Since then I have been trying as many new things as I can on him. Success lies in changing the routine only a little at a time. I saw these Veggie Tots at Whole Foods and figured they looked enough like chicken nuggets that I might be able to fool him....

so what if they look more like tater tots than chicken nuggets???
The directions said to cook them in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes but mine took 15 minutes. For some reason when I pulled them out after 10, they were still cold in the middle.
They tasted pretty good to me, definitely a lot of potato but I saw black beans, spinach and corn in mine too. It could use a little more garlic but I thought they might win him over...
Unfortunately for me, he didn't take the bait. He ate all of his strawberries and left all but one tot on his plate. In Kayden's words, "that was a good try".

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