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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review of Eureka Envirosteamer

I HATE mopping my floors. Dishes and mopping are my least favorite, wait until the very last possible second, chores. When my hubby asked for suggestions for Christmas presents I tried to think of something that would make my daily life easier. Since hiring a maid to come and do my dishes was out of my budget, I looked into steam mops. I have always hated the stickyness of regular mopping and I knew soon we would have a little person crawling all over the place, licking everything in sight. I hate using chemicals anyway so I knew a steam mop was the way to go.
Amazon is always the first place I look for new items since the reviews are usually spot on. Thankfully there is someone who has tried every kind of floor steamer and was kind enough to post their feedback on Amazon.
After reading all of the feedback, I knew the Eureka Envirosteamer was the way to go.

The selling point for me was where the water was located. Instead of being in the handle like most, the Envirosteamer's water tank is on the floor. This makes mopping much easier because the weight of the water works for you and not against you.

I also like how small it is. I am 5'2 and most floor cleaning appliances are almost as tall as I am! But the handle telescopes so this is easily adjustable to fit everyone!

The mop is very easy to get set up and takes just a few minutes to heat up. It heats up to 220 degrees, which is the second highest heat of the floor mops reviewed. This means it is actually sanitizing. Just make sure you move slowly so it has a chance to really heat up the surface and kill the germs.
It does really well at cleaning up all sorts of sticky stains. It even removed some brow wax I had dropped on my bathroom floor! The cleaning pad is easy to clean and I just throw it in the wash with my cloth diapers. The steam last for 15 minutes or so but I have never had it run out on me.
The only downside is that it can't clean grout. Infact, no floor mop will clean grout but now that my tile is so clean I want my grout to be clean too!
I have a McCulloch steam cleaner that I could use on grout but it leaves so much water on the floor and requires the use of protective ear buds to operate(it is that loud) so I only use it on heavy duty jobs.
The Envirosteamers are around $60 on Amazon and to me that is worth the price. A person could easily spend that on a Swiffer wet jet or other mop system in a year. This way you are using a product that doesnt use chemicals or create waste. 


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