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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My 'green' Christmas

 I'll be reviewing each of these separatly this year but I am pretty darn excited about some of the neat things my family got me this year.
We actually had our Christmas a day early so we could spend time with family before they went out of town so I've had some time to play with:

The Eureka EnviroSteamer hard surface cleaner... no more sticky chemicals on my floor!

The Stay Fresh baby food containers to go with my.....

Beaba BabyCook!!!!! This is a steamer and food processor all in one for making baby food, my old food processor just broke so I am super excited about this! I also got the Top 100 Baby Purees to go with it!
And my smart hubby got me this glow in the dark Nathan water bottle for my middle of the night nursing sessions*. In reality he would like it if I stopped turning the light on to find my water bottle!


*Liam currently is a little under the weather so he is joining us back in our room for a few weeks so we can keep an eye on him. This means we are back to waking up at 3 am for a feeding/nebulizer treatment and man, we are exhausted!!!

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  1. Am anxiously awaiting your reviews on all things involving homemade baby food, as I am about to embark on that adventure myself, probably in about a month!