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Friday, December 17, 2010

phil&ted dash and explorer side by side review

I was so excited to get the Explorer and the Dash side by side for a review! So Jodi and I met up and put them through their paces.

Almost everything I don't like about my Dash has been changed on the Explorer.

The cushion is much better because it is firmer and does not flop forward, the sun shade is a follow the sun shade instead of a shade that is buttoned on, there are pockets on the shade, there is a shade on the second seat, the handle is adjustable and you can fold it from the middle with one hand!

The brake is now on the rear axle, which can be a problem if the second seat is on but they made it flip flop friendly and seems like it would be easy to work even with the doubles kit on. I hate the brake on the Dash because you have to tilt the handle down to engage the brake and if you have drinks in the cup holder(I use the BOB cupholder and love it), they will spill on the child in the second seat.

I have had my Dash for a year and I really do love it. Even though the Explorer is supposed to be a step down from the Dash, I think the Explorer is much better. It is refined and tweaked in a way that makes it much more user friendly.

A few more improvements I would like to see phil&teds make:
* a better bumper bar with an incorporated cup holder.
* make the bumper bar so it can swing out. Once my son could crawl in and out of the stroller on his own we had to take the bar off and leave it in the garage because it was too much of a pain to remove.
* make the fold down lock easier. I havent been able to lock my Dash when it is folded since I first got it. I have no clue why so I stopped trying.

With all of that, it is and will always be my favorite stroller. It has a great drive and turning radius. My kids love it and we get compliments everywhere we go, it is just the perfect stroller for me!

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