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Friday, December 17, 2010

NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator : I Know...Ewwww!!!!

    Ok, so my hubby actually found this neat little item on (Yes our favorite place to shop) Jema has had boogers like crazy her whole short life. We own 3  traditional aspirators and would always have the same results when using it - Crying baby and no boogers, unless they were on the edge...and easy to grab.
     This item called NoseFrida OR NoseFrida - Amazon has 283 reviews on Amazon giving it 4.5 stars...So we are not the first to approve of this neat little invention. Ok now for the good stuff...How to use it, It's actually really easy- You can use it straight out of the box - or take it apart and do a quick sanitize on it! As You see below, there is a filter (Extra filter material is included) so there is NO chance of mucus/boogers getting anywhere near your own mouth *Thank Goodness*
 (Pictured Below) Is the mouth pc where you breath in with a deep breath to pull those boogers free!!!
 Jema didn't seem to mind me using this on her and I got her nose 100% clean in less than 1 minute!
How do you get your little ones boogers out??? Would you purchase something like this for $13??
I sure am glad we did :)


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  1. The girl that owns a diaper service in Raleigh said these are all the rage. Been looking for one locally and can't find them here so good to know amazon carries them....will be helpful since Thomas has had a cold for the last two months! Love that you're doing the blog!