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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An evolution of baby food

First, it's mother's milk(or formula). Just when you are getting the hang of that we start introducing solid foods in the form of thin soups of veggies and fruits. Cereal might be added. You add slowly, making sure there are no allergies, watching for the smallest hive or rash. Then all of the sudden you can give your baby puffs, yogurt and other things with actual texture! The world of possibilities just opens right up!

When Kayden was young, I gave him every stage baby food at the appointed time. Snacks and even toddler meals were specially and expensively packaged just for my 'graduate'. Thinking back I cringe at the pasta pick ups, mini TV dinners and sugar filled cereal bars I gave him. At the time I thought I was giving him the best money could buy. But who said the most expensive thing is the best? We ended up with a very picky eater who was not accustomed to eating what his parents were eating. I always ended up making two dinners. It has been a long struggle to get him to even consider the food we eat and we still have a few issues. If Kayden had it his way he would eat PB&J for every meal. He is slowly adding food onto his approved list but it has(and still is) been a struggle.

This time I was determined to get Liam used to adult food as soon as possible.
 If we are having toast and fruit for breakfast, he gets soft wheat bread torn into pieces with a soft cut up banana.
 Overcooked pasta is perfect for little hands and so when Kayden asks for macaroni and cheese(a new favorite, which is fine because it is easy to hide veggies in it), Liam gets some too.
 Yogurt with oatmeal or mashed banana is Liam's favorite breakfast. Infact, he gets mad when the bowl is empty.
Last night he had brown rice, cheese and wheat bread with some tiny cut up pieces of chicken.

We also will steam squash, yams and zucchini cut up into little pieces. And like his big brother, muffins are a big hit.

He LOVES feeding himself and I love being able to eat at the table with him and Kayden. I have learned not to be afraid of chunky, textured food. If Liam does gag on something he quickly clears it out. Once I have had to smack him on his back to help but every other time he has cleared whatever food is stuck before I can even get out of my chair. It is a skill I want him to learn but I still watch him like a hawk when he eats because he shoves fistfuls of whatever is on his plate into his mouth.

We still carry puffs and yogurt drops with us since they are a great way to snack on the run but I get to ignore most of the baby isle at the grocery store completely!  I have exactly 2 jars of 'just in case' baby food in my pantry and I keep a frozen tube of organic yogurt and my Boon Spoon ready if we are going to be out of the house for breakfast.

I know we have not skipped over the picky eater stage but my hope is he will pull out of it sooner than the 2 years it took his brother.

What are your feeding tips and tricks?



  1. Great post!!! Jema has been doing great with the puffs and melts until this week..she keeps gagging on them to the point of vomiting... How am I so lucky! lol
    I also have read that breastfed babies tend to be LESS picky b/c from the time there born they are experiencing all kindas of flavors through mommas milk vs the same flavor always with formula... :)

  2. I try to do the same as you and just give Z some of whatever we are having. With Eve I did make my own homemade baby food, but I skipped that whole stage with Zeke. I mean, I used by food mill a little bit, but now I just fork mash or cut up whatever I am giving him. He's a great eater so far. But, I don't think he likes avacado. Other than that, he eats whatever I put in front of him.

  3. I believe it is really important that the family eats at the table, together. Children like to mimic everything we do. Also exposing them to different flavors and textures at an early age is important and if they don't like it the first time try it again in a few weeks. I also teach them to use utensils, if i'm feeding them I give them a spoon to hold so they can get use to it.

  4. I'm right with you Brie. I love that I don't have to buy any thing in the baby food aisle anymore! Now, whole wheat bread and bananas are a staple in our house! Texture and color seem to be what Eden is attracted to. Broccoli and oranges are some of her favs, yet pears don't get a second look. So I sometimes have to coax her into trying new things.