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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sprout Change diaper review

 My obsession with cloth diapers is my excuse to try every cool diaper out there. I have been leaning towards diaper covers lately because it seems my pre-folds are less likely to hold on to poop stink or stains than my pockets. I also love covers because I can use them until they get poopy, therefore taking up less space in my wet bags than my big pocket diapers.
So when I saw a post on Kelly Wel's website about the Sprout Change Diaper, I knew I wanted to try one(even though the reviewer ended up screwing up her diaper before using it.... it made me more careful about adjusting it).
 I love that the Sprout Change diaper is reversible. Now that we are hitting 90 degrees in the sunshine state I tend to put Liam in just tee shirts and a diaper so I like to get matchy.  Even though I have a micro fiber insert and a prefold in this diaper, I feel like it is trimmer than some of my diapers with just one insert.
 One of the unique things about this diaper is how it adjusts. See the third snap on the left?(Ignore the fuzzy picture, I am still getting the hang of my new camera), it opens up and allows you to adjust the waist and leg opening. This is great for a chunky legged baby like mine. Liam is pear shaped so keeping the waist tight enough without the legs getting cut into can be tough. This adjustment eliminates this issue.
So far we have not seen any leaks. This diaper fits so well I dont see that happening any time soon either.
One of the things I have learned from my cloth diapering experience is  don't commit to one type of diaper until you have tried a few different types of diaper. While I still like my pockets, I wish I had branched out in the beginning. I am having issues with my pockets and poop stink. I have stripped, RLR'd, sunned and soaked but I still have this faint poop-fresh-out-of-the-dryer smell that is driving me crazy. For now we are sticking with our pre-folds and cover until I can figure out what the deal is. Anyone have any suggestions??



  1. I don't know if it will actually help with the stink but Purex Ultra Baby is CD safe and smells like baby wash, or have you soaked them in dish soap or vinegar. I use vinegar on the dog blankets because you know my dogs love to pee on their things (mine too) and it wipes out the smell. Good Luck!

  2. I use vinegar in my laundry too ( for my hubbys work out clothes) it takes the stink out of those. Thanks for the great review on Sprout Change. When I have my baby I plan on using their diapers!