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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My 'Stats"

On birth boards, facebook, blogs and other social media outlets you see them everywhere. Stats.

For instance, this is my signature on Baby Center.

For moms with an online presence, this is how we show people we know what we are talking about, right?! How else will they know how awesome we are?

However, sometimes I feel like I don't 'fit' with most in the stats of the common eco-friendly mom. It seems like you are either a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, non vaccinating, non circumcising, natural birthing, babyfood making green mommy OR you use huggies, vaccinate, circumcise, had an epidural, buy your babyfood consumerist mommy.

Is there an inbetween? Can you be concerned about what is in the food you eat, how you treat the planet but still break with the norm of green mommy-hood by vaccinating or circumcising? When posting things here and on my family blog I always wonder if I am portraying an accurate picture of who I really am. It's a balance I am still working on. But just so you know, here are my 'stats':
*had my babies in a hospital, with an epidural(although with Liam it wore off by the time I was pushing!)
*circumcised both boys
*bottle fed Kayden and breast feed Liam(hopefully for a year)
*vaccinate both boys on regular schedule. We also do flu shot and keep up on dTap.
*cloth diaper
*make my own babyfood
*eat organic when we can and locally when we find it
*we do time out
* we let our kids watch TV, but carefully choose the programs(Baby Signing Time and PreSchool Prep are our favorites!)
*our parenting style is aimed at teaching our kids how to do things themselves, being empathetic, communicate their needs to us, make their own decisions to teach them consequences and understanding the burden is on us to teach our children, not the school system.

My parenting style is ever evolving. I learn as I go and try not to be so prideful that I don't change my ways.

This morning I was filling out a survey for the blog Cloth Diapers in Hospitals. As I was filling out my survey I was thinking I would be in the minority on most of my selections. I was pleased to see my selections were in tune with the results from the survey! I guess I'm not such an oddball afterall. But don't ask my mom, she has always thought I was an oddball!


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  1. I totally understand. I LOVE cloth diapering and I LOVED breast feeding my son but I feed him regular food. He sees TV and he's under 2 (gasp). I never realized the pressures before having my son but we do what we think is best. I'm not a hippie granola mom. I had a c-section and am electing to have another one with my next child. I'm glad that there are other mothers out there that do what they can for their kids and don't feel the need to swing from one stereotype to another. I think as moms we're just trying to do what's best for our children and our families. ps I love your blog.