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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Champ Diaper Review

 This has quickly become my go to diaper - I love these top 3 features the most.

1.Colored Snaps
2.Inside extra gussets
3.Insert snaps to inside of diaper

Take a peak at the pictures below before reading my review ;)


So after browsing the pictures I hope you noticed the 3 key features that impress me the most about this diaper. Lets talk about the color snaps first - I LOVE this feature, it makes changing diapers that much fast and easier for my hubby and for anyone babysitting to figure out. I would love to have velcro diapers in my stash for the ease of use factor - however I find they don't hold up as well/long through washing.

The second feature is the inner gusset (Poop Scoop) I first found and fell in love with this feature on Rumparooz G2 diapers, However I cannpt justify the 20 something $ price point of the Rumps - These offer the same idea as the Rumps inner gusset , however it's not as defined of a poop scoop as it is on the Rumps.....But that being thinner actually cuts down on the thickness factor making it a thinner dipe over the Rumps.

The third feature is the snap in place insert - Genius in my opinion - This makes stuffing your insert a breeze. I just snap in place and give the dipe one good shake and the insert falls into place - OH I almost forgot about another GREAT feature - this diaper has an insert pocket opening on BOTH ends of the diaper - this means the insert will fall out on it's own in the wash OR it gives you 2 options for pulling out the insert (If one side is covered in yucky stuff) Great added benefit!

I bought these diapers from and I was very impressed with the costumer service I received. I also got these diapers 15% off during a restocking sale they were offering... The CHAMP Diaper retails for $14.95 and compared to other brands out there, I think thats a GREAT price for a great funtioning diaper!

I just wanted to add that my little chunker has very fat thighs and these fit her better than any of her other diapers - it's snug without leaving those awful red marks I dread seeing so much. This is a ONE size diaper - the inserts are thin and made of Bamboo which is super absorbent!

I really am impressed with this diaper and have not had any leaks to speak of  - I will update this post if I find anything new good/bad with these diapers. :)

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  1. Your daughter is ridiculously cute. I appreciated this post, as a user of cloth diapers. I currently use Bum Genius and am not looking to switch, but I like hearing about the other brands and what is good and bad about them. Will be looking forward to hearing if there is anything you don't like about them!