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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lemongrass Spa Baby Products

We are all familiar with the Johnson and Johnson baby wash and lotion smell. It is the quintessential smell for new babies. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list though? There are so many chemicals and fragrances in there. I have always wondered why we put all of those chemicals on a new babies soft, perfect skin.
A few weeks after Liam was born I received an awesome gift from my cousin's wife, Amber. It was Lemongrass Spa's baby care line!

First,  baby wash smells amazing! Liam smells so yummy after his bath! And the best thing is Lemongrass Spa is committed to being an eco-friendly and all natural. None of their products contain sodium laureth sulfate, lead, parabens, alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients or phthalates and have not undergone animal testing. Thier packaging labels are made from recycled corn starch and the containers and boxes are recyclable and reusable. Even the catalogs are printed on recycled paper.
The baby wash is non drying and I use it for handwashing though out the day to save my hands! I have even added a small amount to a spray bottle of water to act as my diaper wipes solution. It is great in the morning to get the overnight pee smell to go away. It has organic coconut, olive oil and jojoba oil with lavender and vanilla essential oils. 
The lotion also has the lavender and vanilla oil as well as sweet almond oil and aloe vera gel. Because I am constantly washing my hands I need a lotion that I can apply multiple times a day. This lotion is perfect because it is light but does it's job! It totally has saved my hands in this dry, cold spell that has hit Florida over the last month. Oh, and it works great on Liam too, haha! He has super dry skin so I am constantly slathering the lotion all over him! 
Amber also sent me Healing Elements Baby Bottoms Up for diaper rashes and super dry areas. Luckily Liam has not had diaper rash yet so we have not put it to the test but if it is anything like the body wash and lotion, I am sure I will love it!
Another great thing about these products? They last forever! I find myself not needing to use as much product(probably because it is not watered down like most lotions and soaps) so it really lasts a long time. 
So check out Amber's site for Lemongrass Spa and be sure to email her if you have any questions!

** Until the end of January, Amber is offering 10% off all Lemongrass Spa products to our blog readers. Email her from her contact page with your order so she can add the discount. **


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